Gatling Enterprise 1.9

Learn about the main new features of Gatling Enterprise 1.9

Release Notes

1.9.2 (2019-11-20)

Gatling Enterprise

  • DEV-640: Groups counts are no longer recorded and break group assertions
  • DEV-668: Azure networks should be filtered by region
  • DEV-673: OpenStack metadata credentials are not encrypted
  • DEV-683: Grafana datasource is broken
  • DEV-685: Jenkins plugin: link to the reports in the Build sidenav disappeared (old style job only)
  • DEV-686: Grafana datasource should enable “no group” drop-down option
  • DEV-688: Mig 32 should update data after dropping materialized view
  • DEV-689: Cannot delete private key
  • DEV-691: Various Ansible playbook fixes
  • DEV-692: Map /tmp on an emptyDir volume when spawning injectors on Kubernetes
  • DEV-694: Public API: /series endpoint doesn’t work when the metric is a percentile
  • DEV-695: Grafana: Display every exception messages
  • DEV-700: DigitalOcean deployment failure cause droplet to not be deleted
  • DEV-701: DigitalOcean deployment failure on public IP only networks
  • DEV-703: Can’t edit private key
  • DEV-708: Fix OpenStack credentials encryption
  • DEV-709: It shouldn’t be possible to associate to a git repository a private key that belongs to a different team
  • DEV-710: Can’t change private key team to Global
  • DEV-768: Creating a new on-prem host edits last open one instead

1.9.1 (2019-11-07)

Gatling 3.3.1

Gatling 3.3.1 is binary compatible with 3.3.0, so you are not required to upgrade if you’re already compiling against 3.3.0.

See full release note:

Gatling Enterprise

  • DEV-634: Some behavior change on the GCP API server causes a Google Cloud Java SDK known bug to happen way more frequently. We’re implementing a workaround.
  • DEV-635: Digital Ocean modal: remove misleading mention of username being admin by default
  • DEV-636: OpenStack region form field should be mono-valued
  • DEV-641: Profile name should be optional when configuring an AWS S3 bucket binary repository
  • DEV-642: Fix AWS S3 bucket validation
  • DEV-643: Creating an S3 bucket repository requires either profile or env vars
  • DEV-647: Fix default team being blocked
  • DEV-648: temporary directory should be cleaned up even if injectors termination fails
  • DEV-649: Saved Azure instance size is not displayed when editing
  • DEV-657: Support open-ssh new format on AWS pools
  • DEV-661: Prevent conflicting duplicate private key names
  • DEV-663: Fix AWS S3 bucket env variables profile name
  • DEV-670: S3 is regionless, remove region field

1.9.0 (2019-10-23)

Gatling 3.3.0

See full release note:

Gatling Enterprise

  • DEV-24: Simulation search now takes for team name into account
  • DEV-285: AWS pool configuration now filters configuration by VPC
  • DEV-350: Revamp errors chart colors
  • DEV-476: Extract out of simulation and centralize source and binaries repositories configuration
  • DEV-482: Split git command into multiple fields, isolate and encrypt credentials when cloning over https
  • DEV-515: MQTT plugin module now has stubs in Gatling OSS and is to be used like other modules
  • DEV-520: Provide public certified plug-and-play Docker images for the injectors with JDK8 and JDK11
  • DEV-544: Revamp response by status chart colors
  • DEV-551: Injector Kubernetes pods are now tagged with recommended labels (
  • DEV-558: Search in lists is now case-insensitive
  • DEV-561: Support Routes for routing traffic to injectors when deploying on OpenShift pools
  • DEV-564: Correlate groups by end date instead of start date to avoid OutOfMemoryErrors
  • DEV-584: Introduce option for preferring private IP over public one when deploying on Azure, DigitalOcean and GCE pools
  • DEV-588: Replace text field with a dropdown for instance profile when configuring AWS pool
  • DEV-594: Don’t load file in memory when downloading from S3 bucket
  • DEV-597: Js error during on a live reports on Chrome
  • DEV-601: Prevent a repository to be deleted if it’s being used in a simulation
  • DEV-602: Improve injectors’ JVM JIT inlining settings for better performance
  • DEV-604: Incomplete trends when navigating from the reports to the trends
  • DEV-607: Prevent a private key to be deleted if it’s being used in a repository
  • DEV-612: HTTP request timeout one fetching preferences because of missing content-length
  • DEV-617: Lock creating simulation when no repository exists
  • DEV-556: Support Ingresses for routing traffic to injectors when deploying on Kubernetes pools
  • DEV-560: Introduce gatling.frontline.groupedDomains System property to group network stats and prevent OutOfMemoryErrors when testing against large fleet of subdomains
  • DEV-624: Initialize new database with a Default team
  • DEV-508: Incorrect redirect from link in CI plugins when not authenticated
  • DEV-554: Change stacked charts colors when the legend is hovered
  • DEV-555: Fix confusing messages about SSH when using Kubernetes pools
  • DEV-557: Fix charts and legends colors not matching
  • DEV-563: Fix Gatling Enterprise injectors trying to generate OSS HTML reports and crashing
  • DEV-569: Don’t try to compute forAll assertions for silent requests
  • DEV-570: Fix performance issue in stats aggregation engine when running very large clusters
  • DEV-571: Optimize histograms merging performance
  • DEV-583: Don’t require public IP for Azure, DigitalOcean and GCE pools
  • DEV-590: Fix dashboard freeze when simulation didn’t execute any request
  • DEV-594: Fix S3 binary download memory usage and timeout
  • DEV-596: Make use of all cores when processing stats from large injectors clusters
  • DEV-599: Don’t record a DNS resolution event when url domain is not a hostname but an IP

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