Users administration

Administrate your organization's users and their permissions in Gatling Enterprise Cloud.

Managing Users

To access the Users administration, click on the icon in the navigation bar.

Users table

To invite a user to your organization, click on the Invite button and fill in the user information:

  • Email address: The email address to which the invitation will be sent. The invited user doesn’t have to use the same address in their user profile once connected.
  • Organization role: either choose an organization role (which will be applied to every team), or select none and specify each role by team according to the permissions you want to grant.
User create

You can now click on the Invited tab to see the invitation.

User invited

The invited user will receive an email with an invitation link to join the organization.

User email invitation

When they click on Accept the invitation, they will be able to join the organization using their existing Gatling Enterprise Cloud user account if they already have one, or else they will have to create a new account.

To edit a user, click on the icon. To remove them from your organization, select them using the checkbox on the left of the table and click on the Remove button.


There are 8 different user roles in Gatling Enterprise:

For an organization:

  • Administrator
  • Leader
  • Contributor
  • Viewer

For a team:

  • Team Administrator
  • Team Leader
  • Team Contributor
  • Team Viewer
Viewer / Team Viewer Contributor / Team Contributor Leader / Team Leader Administrator / Team Administrator
Access own profile and Organization page
Access Reports and Trends Own team Own team Own team Own team
Start Simulation Own team Own team Own team
Generate Public Links Own team Own team Own team
Create Simulation Own team Own team
Administrate Packages Own team Own team
Administrate API Tokens, Users and Teams Own team
Subscribe and view Offers Administrator only

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