API tokens configuration

Create API Tokens to authenticate your requests to the Gatling Enterprise Cloud public API.

API Tokens administration is accessible in the navigation bar.

Managing API Tokens


To create an API token, click on the Create button. Once the API token is created, make sure to copy the token, as you won’t be able to retrieve it again later.

Create token

There are three permissions available for API Tokens:

  • The Read permission, allowing to read all the data (typically useful in Grafana)
  • The Start permission, allowing to start simulations + Read permissions (typically useful in a CI plugin)
  • The Configure permission, allowing to create / upload packages and create simulations + Start permissions (typically useful in our build plugins)

You can set a permission globally or within a specific team only.

You can edit the API Token permissions by clicking on the icon on the right part of the table. To regenerate a token, click on the icon.

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