Gatling contributors

Gatling contributors on GitHub

Some amazing people have greatly contributed to Gatling and helped make it a great project! Kudos to them!

It’s up to you to make it in our Hall of Fame too! Features, bug fixes, documentation, answers on the community mailing list… There are plenty of opportunities!

  • Andrew Duffy originally contributed our WebSocket support.
  • Pierre Dal-Pra is our sbt expert who created our build chain and our sbt plugin.
  • Jason Koch originally contributed our JMS support.
  • Adrian Lewis frequently helps on the community mailing list and helped with our documentation, eg on real time monitoring.
  • Nicolas Rémond contributed our amazing JsonPath support and our Graphite/InfluxDb integration.
  • Constantijn Visinescu originally contributed the FunSpec and associated demo project.
  • Arturas Smorgun created the Giter8 template.

Please let us know if we’ve missed your name.

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