Gatling Enterprise 1.11

Learn about the main new features of Gatling Enterprise 1.11

Release Notes

1.11.1 (2020-05-26)

Gatling Enterprise

  • DEV-997: WebSocket: unmatched inbound messages are not visible in dropdown menu and summary
  • DEV-998: Repositories: don’t require Git repository url to end with “.git” (eg: Azure Repos)
  • DEV-1013: Azure: take secret change into account when querying the networks and sizes
  • DEV-1019: Simulation: enlarge pool name dropdown to 50 chars
  • DEV-1022: Pipeline: ssh connect timeout’s default value should be 10 seconds, not 5
  • DEV-1023: WebSocket: dashboard crashes when displaying check stats
  • DEV-1031: Pipeline: crash and can’t be stopped when the local repository points to a non-existing directory
  • DEV-1056: Upgrade jQuery from 3.4.1 to 3.5.1, fix security vulnerability
  • DEV-1061: Repositories & Kubernetes: fix invalid URL validation and allow valid chars such as -

1.11.0 (2020-04-20)

Gatling Enterprise

  • DEV-485: Ansible Playbook: add parameters for Cassandra and Gatling Enterprise home directories
  • DEV-684: CI plugins: rename jvmProperties to jvmOptions
  • DEV-731: Jenkins Plugin: use “unstable/failed tests” status when assertions are failing
  • DEV-756: Azure: provide certified injector images
  • DEV-854: Azure: use User Assigned Managed Identity if any
  • DEV-862: Conf: document some fields in frontline.conf should not be modified manually
  • DEV-882: Git: document we require git 2.3+
  • DEV-900: Teams: display in the teams table the linked repositories / private keys / api tokens
  • DEV-904: AWS: make c5n instance type available
  • DEV-912: Bamboo plugin: support deployment process
  • DEV-933: Conf: document options for Cassandra storage
  • DEV-938: About: display license limits in “About” modal
  • DEV-939: MarketPlaces: display a reminder on MarketPlace billing during initial set up
  • DEV-943: sbt: recommend disabling sbt’s coursier backend for now
  • DEV-949: Conf: advertise secretKey criticality
  • DEV-950: MarketPlaces: display support address on boot screen
  • DEV-468: Web: protect against 502 errors when Gatling Enterprise is behind a reverse proxy
  • DEV-549: Teams: verify team permission on private key by id endpoint
  • DEV-678: AWS/Docker/Azure: ship a JRE instead of a JDK on certified injector images
  • DEV-801: PDF Export: selected run is not saved when saving report
  • DEV-803: Trends: fix broken trends when coming back from export
  • DEV-857: Don’t allow git repository on http
  • DEV-860: PDF Export: runs list is corrupted after loading a saved report
  • DEV-861: Trends: in hover box, ko count is always the value of the first run
  • DEV-863: PDF Export: first chart is empty after loading a saved report
  • DEV-866: Jenkins: plugin doesn’t stop when run failed to launch
  • DEV-867: Private key: overwrite never triggers
  • DEV-869: On-premise hosts: private key not updated if connectivity check is run
  • DEV-886: Bamboo: plugin fails to install on modern Bamboo versions
  • DEV-887: Bamboo/TeamCity: plugins crash at the end of the test if there was no injection
  • DEV-894: PDF export: assertions are missing
  • DEV-895: PDF export: request names in summary are truncated when they are too long
  • DEV-897: PDF Export: missing assertions color
  • DEV-898: Team: prevent team deletion if there is a linked repository
  • DEV-902: Conf: fix improper JVM options hurting performance
  • DEV-905: PDF Export: display assertion status
  • DEV-906: Jenkins plugin: persist summary and assertions after system restart
  • DEV-917: Swagger: can’t send requests with parameters
  • DEV-921: Pools: combo boxes in pool creation form needs to be clicked twice on Google Chrome
  • DEV-922: Azure: handle gracefully managed identities errors
  • DEV-925: Conf: logback.xml instructions for logging Cassandra requests are outdated
  • DEV-926: Stats: fix stats engine thread safety issue
  • DEV-927: Charts: make sure percentiles legends fit on a 1440px screen
  • DEV-929: Core: reduce Cassandra queries concurrency
  • DEV-930: Trends: don’t duplicate requests in payload for trends dropdown
  • DEV-931: Core: incorrect CQL batch size
  • DEV-940: Trends: x axis is inverted
  • DEV-941: Conf: unhelpful message when you enter a new license key when relaunching Gatling Enterprise
  • DEV-944: sbt: upgrade sbt-frontline 1.1.2 with sbt coursier backend bug workaround

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