Gatling Enterprise 1.10

Learn about the main new features of Gatling Enterprise 1.10

Release Notes

1.10.1 (2020-01-31)

Gatling Enterprise

  • DEV-794: Update certified AWS AMI and docker images with JRE 11.0.6 and 8u242
  • DEV-840: Display default git branch next to the override box
  • DEV-759: Don’t redirect to login page when Cassandra is shut down
  • DEV-774: Kubernetes NodePort Prefer Internal IP checkbox is broken
  • DEV-785: Migration 45 was pretty ineffective with non-obvious git command
  • DEV-786: Let users use environment defined SSH keys for cloning git repositories
  • DEV-787: Check for associated private keys when deleting a team
  • DEV-789: GCE user is always empty
  • DEV-796: Don’t close AWS pool modal when the private key doesn’t match the keypair fingerprint
  • DEV-805: Response time percentiles tooltip in trends only contains 0
  • DEV-807: Can’t switch from P12 to JSON conf in GCE pool
  • DEV-810: Kubernetes Local cluster checkbox state is reversed
  • DEV-811: AWS MarketPlace offer doesn’t work on Hong Kong and Bahrain
  • DEV-812: Public API /run messes up chars in scenarios/groups/requests
  • DEV-813: Certified AMI are not deployed on Hong Kong and Bahrain
  • DEV-814: Hong Kong and Bahrain are missing from AWS regions list
  • DEV-825: Modals lose state on props change
  • DEV-827: Can’t stop run while waiting for HTTP (deployed state)
  • DEV-832: In Export, different runs summaries share the same data
  • DEV-833: Missing documentation that we support cloning a git tag
  • DEV-834: Don’t let save an Uploaded private key with selecting a file to upload
  • DEV-836: Can’t edit graph param in Grafana

1.10.0 (2019-12-18)

Gatling Enterprise

  • DEV-261: Provide links for downloading Gatling Enterprise extensions (CI plugins and Grafana datasource) from Web UI
  • DEV-484: Document how to use Ansible playbook locally
  • DEV-489: Distribute Gatling Enterprise extensions (CI plugins and Grafana datasource) on a public server
  • DEV-672: Let managers override git repository default branch in Simulation configuration
  • DEV-707: Introduce per team admin permission
  • DEV-725: Log PATH env var when launching native process fails with “program not found”
  • DEV-719: Git repository username cannot contain ‘@’ and ‘:’ characters
  • DEV-722: Reduce memory usage of pipeline actor’s mailbox
  • DEV-723: Logs shouldn’t mention port 22 when using kubectl
  • DEV-724: slf4j j.u.l bridge not properly installed
  • DEV-726: User with manager permission can see pool metadata in the JSON payload
  • DEV-732: Don’t disable Cassandra metadata while performing migrations
  • DEV-733: Kubernetes pools broken if accessed directly after configuring the dashboard
  • DEV-734: Don’t let users to delete themselves
  • DEV-735: Gatling Enterprise is slow to redirect to login screen when unauthenticated
  • DEV-736: LDAP users shouldn’t be able to update their profile
  • DEV-743: Opening Simulation model, Build tab, shouldn’t trigger a request for the list of AWS regions
  • DEV-747: Uploaded private keys shouldn’t be stored in Cassandra, only on filesystem
  • DEV-748: Uploaded private keys are visible in the JSON payload
  • DEV-749: Sort Java System properties by name
  • DEV-750: Multiple highlights abscissas are off when hovering timeline after zooming in
  • DEV-765: Delete obsolete file when updating an uploaded private key

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