Gatling Enterprise 1.16

Learn about the main new features of Gatling Enterprise 1.16


Gatling Enterprise 1.16 introduces a redesign of the application and a new public API.

Gatling 3.7 Support

Gatling 3.7 is the latest generation of Gatling.

It introduces many features, including a Java DSL that can also be used with other languages such as Kotlin.

Java 17 Certified Images

Java 17 is the latest Java LTS (Long Term Support) version.

We now provide Java 17 based certified images for AMI, Azure, GCE and Docker.

ARM Support

We now support deploying Gatling Enterprise components including injectors on ARM based servers.

On AWS, we also provide an ARM based certified image for Java 17 only, that’s automatically picked based on the family of the instance type you’ve configured in your pool, eg c6g.xlarge.

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Release Notes

1.16.6 (2022-04-29)

Gatling Enterprise

  • FL-1012: Kubernetes Pool: Fix custom image validation

1.16.5 (2022-04-28)

Gatling Enterprise

  • FL-922: PDF Export: Fix scn, group, request dropdown appearing on graph without those metrics
  • FL-950: Reports: Log scale skips steps and doesn’t show graduation
  • FL-956: GCE Pool: Fix NPE when injectors don’t have AccessConfigs (no public IPs)
  • FL-959: GCE Pool: Fix exception when instance group is not created yet when trying to list
  • FL-963: Teams: Crop names when they’re too long
  • FL-965: Public API: Fix parameter ‘request’ in the ‘series’ API not working as intended
  • FL-971: Pipeline: Fix memory leak, when stats are being re-sent because of a lag
  • FL-976: Pipeline: Fix SSH creation folder step failed if folder already exist on retry
  • FL-977: sbt Build: Use -batch command instead of –batch in simulation sbt command
  • FL-984: Run snapshot: Fix simulation classname overflow
  • FL-985: Scroll at top when changing page
  • FL-999: Reports: Fix NoSuchElementException when group doesn’t exist on a given time window
  • FL-996: Handle silently ChannelClosedException on API
  • FL-948: Save repository and build information in run snapshot
  • FL-955: Remove public key field in GCP pool form (derived from private key)
  • FL-962: Add run ID in simulations as system prop (gatling.enterprise.runId)
  • FL-980: Add run trigger in simulations as system props (gatling.enterprise.trigger.type being either user or token, and
  • FL-987: Support passing env vars to injectors
  • FL-989: Add support for maven wrapper in simulation build step
  • FL-897: Add control on custom AMI ids: must start with “ami-”
  • FL-1003: Add a way to disable superAdmin in configuration
  • FL-1004: Kubernetes Pool: Allow configuring node selector
  • FL-1007: Kubernetes Pool: Allow configuring custom labels
  • FL-1008: Rename System Properties into Java system properties

1.16.4 (2022-03-03)

Gatling 3.7.6

Please check the full release note for more details.

Gatling Enterprise

  • FL-783: Repositories: Downloading an artifact from a Binary Repository actually downloads all the dependencies
  • FL-921: Trends: Wrong values for the means of response time percentiles
  • FL-937: Simulations: Fix StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when Simulation name ends with a dot
  • FL-941: Repositories: Team names are cropped very small in select input
  • FL-944: Teams & API Tokens: names in table are cropped too small

1.16.3 (2022-02-15)

Gatling 3.7.5

Please check the full release note for more details.

Gatling Enterprise

  • FL-949: Cassandra: modify some queries to set ALLOW FILTERING and hopefully work on ScyllaDB (not officially suppported though)
  • FL-951: GCE Pool: Fix NPE when using the host’s service account instead of a JSON file

1.16.2 (2022-01-18)

Gatling 3.7.4

Please check the full release note for more details.

Gatling Enterprise

  • FL-913: Reports: Lock summaries column headers when scrolling down
  • FL-915: Pipeline: split waiting for injectors to listen over HTTP and to instantiate the Simulation in 2 distinct steps with distinct timeouts
  • FL-918: Pipeline: Stop waiting for missing node stats when node has actually finished earlier than the other nodes

1.16.1 (2021-12-20)

Gatling 3.7.3

Please check the full release note for more details.

Gatling Enterprise

  • FL-907: Injectors: Cope with MemoryUsage JDK bug, see
  • FL-910: Public API: request and groups values are swapped in /run

1.16.0 (2021-11-24)

Gatling 3.7.1

This release is mostly about new features, in particular the new Java DSL. Please check the full release note for more details.

Gatling Enterprise

  • FL-91: Injectors: Support running injectors on ARM + support ARM based instance types on AWS
  • FL-861: AWS/GCE/Azure/Kubernetes: Add certified images for Java 17
  • FL-837: Deprecate “frontline” maven/gradle/sbt plugins as all the features are moved to the standard OSS plugins, drop Enterprise-specific samples and add pointers to the standard ones
  • FL-826: Login: Fix login button that stayed disabled when auto-filled on Firefox
  • FL-839: OpenAPI: Make run status a documented enum
  • FL-851: Migrations: increase timeout on schema updates to 1 minute
  • FL-869: Reports: Fix established stats in TCP Connections Events per Second chart
  • FL-866: Reports: Fix Response Time Percentiles chart y-axis legend
  • FL-876: Azure: Rename some form fields to match the updated Azure wording
  • FL-874: AWS/GCE/Azure: Improve wording on Private IP preference field
  • FL-875: Azure: new pool option to not allocate a public IP address
  • FL-863: Injectors: report an error when the user configures an invalid JVM option that causes the JVM to crash on boot

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