Gatling Enterprise 1.12

Learn about the main new features of Gatling Enterprise 1.12


Gatling Enterprise Binaries Distribution Platform Change

Download urls on the new server use the same pattern as the old one, eg:`

Minimal Original Gatling Enterprise Version

If you are currently using a version of Gatling Enterprise older than 1.6.2, you can’t directly upgrade to Gatling Enterprise 1.12.0. You have to first upgrade to Gatling Enterprise 1.11.1.

Otherwise, if you are running Gatling Enterprise 1.6.2 or newer, you can directly upgrade.

Gatling Enterprise 1.12

Gatling Enterprise 1.12 introduce scoped private keys, OpenId Connect and a permissions revamp.

Scoped Private Keys

Private Keys now target either repositories or pools.

You are now required to fill this scope when creating new private keys.

Upgrading automatically updates existing private keys depending on their usage.

Revamped Roles with new Test Admin Role

We now have the following roles:

  • viewer (previously member): can view simulations and runs
  • tester (new): all of the above + can edit simulations and trigger runs
  • test admin (previously manager): all of the above + can edit repositories and associated private keys
  • system admin (previously admin): all of the above + can edit pools and associated private keys, users, global properties, API tokens and team settings (simulations quotas)

superAdmin is a special system admin. You should only use it to create system admins.

Team Simulation Quotas

Managing a global licenced pool of simulations amongst multiple project teams can be cumbersome.

System admins can now define quotas on how many simulations a given team can use.

New OpenID Connect Integration

Gatling Enterprise can now integrate with your favorite OIDC provider such as Azure Active Directory or Okta.

New Pools Features


Pools can now be duplicated.


  • Spot instances support


  • Built-in certified images
  • Preemptible instances support
  • Image and Instance type support (using instance templates is now deprecated)
  • Injector static IP support
  • Service accounts support

Gatling 3.4.0

What’s New

The key new features are:

This release also includes lots of performance and bug fixes. Please check the[full release note].

Upgrading Gatling version in your Projects

Gatling 3.4 is mostly source compatible with Gatling 3.3 but there are still a few minor breaking changes, please check the Gatling 3.4 Migration Guide.

The benefit is that you don’t have to upgrade all your projects at the same time you upgrade Gatling Enterprise when a new Gatling minor version breaks binary compatibility.

You can upgrade Gatling Enterprise first, your existing projects will keep on working, and upgrade them to newest Gatling progressively.

  • supporting deploying Gatling 3.3 projects will be dropped at some point, possibly when we will release Gatling 3.5.0
  • the Gatling 3.3 branch is frozen, meaning no bug fixes will be backported

Upgrading maven/gradle/sbt plugin version in your Projects

  • for maven: frontline-maven-plugin 1.2.0.
  • for sbt: sbt-frontline 1.3.0.
  • for gradle: frontline-gradle-plugin 1.2.0.

Upgrading your injectors JVM settings

We’ve updated the default JVM options to:


and the default Java System properties are now empty.

Those new settings produced way better performance in our internal benchmarks.

If you’ve overridden the default global properties with your own parameters, you might probably want to revisit them.

Release Notes

1.12.5 (2020-12-04)

Gatling Enterprise

  • FL-289: Misc: Run clean up crashes on date formatting
  • FL-298: Pipeline: Kill signal_name should not be SIG prefixed
  • FL-296: Azure: Update Azure certificates verification on Marketplace init

1.12.4 (2020-11-24)

Gatling 3.4.2

See full release note:

Gatling Enterprise

  • FL-231: App: Revisited logging. Existing users are advised to add <logger name="io.gatling.frontline" level="INFO"/> in their logback.xml file.
  • FL-176: Repositories: Document permissions required to use S3 buckets as repositories
  • FL-199: Boot: License prompt shows up again on reboot
  • FL-214: Reports: Fix crash when run is ongoing and run is longer than 5 minutes (no problem once run is done)
  • FL-233: sbt: remove io.gatling.frontline organization from sbt sample config as it removes user provided extra libraries
  • FL-242: Pipeline: Fix logs when killing remote process on on-premises injectors
  • FL-248: Pipeline: Fix stdout and logback conflict in injector logs retrieved on test crash
  • FL-255: Reports: Received resets series missing from TCP connections chart
  • FL-260: Reports: Fix stats not displayed when request names contains heading or trailing white spaces
  • FL-268: Boot: Don’t overwrite super admin password and security key when updating expired license key
  • FL-274: Security: It shouldn’t be possible a save a simulation after hitting number of simulations limit

1.12.3 (2020-10-28)

Gatling Enterprise

  • FL-164: AWS, S3: form is not properly saved when using environment variables
  • FL-175: Private Key: form can’t be saved after uploading file without editing other fields
  • FL-185: Boot: confusing error message when booting with an empty frontline.conf but schema already exists
  • FL-186: Cassandra: Migration 77 still crashes on humongous databases
  • FL-188: Git: url validation rejects valid AWS CodeCommit urls

1.12.2 (2020-10-13)

Gatling 3.4.1

See full release note:

Gatling Enterprise

  • FL-115: AWS: Support AMD based instance types
  • FL-1: Repositories: Fix sort by name
  • FL-56: Private Keys: Reset file name field when closing the modal
  • FL-112: Cassandra: Improve memory footprint when cleaning up orphan data during Gatling Enterprise 1.12 upgrade
  • FL-113: AWS: Document required permissions for using spot instances
  • FL-114: AWS: Terminate successful instances when only a part of the spot instance request is successful
  • FL-199: AWS: Use retry when tagging spot instances to cope with API being async/racy
  • FL-130: AWS: On-demand instances tagging should be performed in RunCreate to allow tag based control
  • FL-131: AWS: Spot instance requests should be tagged to allow tag based control
  • FL-132: Pipeline: Retries process retry once too much
  • FL-133: Pipeline: Retries process shouldn’t delay first tentative

1.12.1 (2020-09-29)

Gatling Enterprise

  • DEV-1418: AWS: Saving a new pool with Elastic IPs fails
  • DEV-1419: HTTP: Missing request path when using Gatling 3.3
  • DEV-1421: HTTP: Injector crash when traffic goes through a proxy

1.12.0 (2020-09-24)

Gatling 3.4.0

See full release note:

Gatling Enterprise

  • DEV-359: GCE: Provide certified images
  • DEV-553: Core: Gatling Enterprise should log on console when running inside a container or under systemd
  • DEV-581: Pools: Provide a button to duplicate a pool
  • DEV-585: GCE: Support static IPs
  • DEV-621: Charts: Revisit mouse over in sum cards
  • DEV-676: AWS: Support spot instances
  • DEV-782: Security: Support OpenID Connect authentication
  • DEV-806: GCE: Introduce image and instance type support and deprecate instance templates usage
  • DEV-844: GCE: Support service accounts
  • DEV-948: Core: Prevent updating frontline.conf and reset some fields automatically when Cassandra schema already exists
  • DEV-870: Misc: Add mouse hovers and titles on SideNav modal
  • DEV-872: Security: Revamp Gatling Enterprise roles: viewer, tester, test admin, system admin, superAdmin
  • DEV-877: Security: Scope Private keys on repository or pool
  • DEV-883: Security: Revoke all cookies on Gatling Enterprise reboot
  • DEV-888: Core: Introduce simulation quotas on teams
  • DEV-948: Core: Prevent from resetting frontline.conf if Cassandra schema already exists
  • DEV-955: AWS: Display a message instead of disabling checkbox when there’s no Elastic IP
  • DEV-1055: GCE: Support preemptible instances
  • DEV-1079: Pipeline: Detect incompatible Gatling version before deploying (requires the latest build plugins)
  • DEV-1138: Swagger: Public API series content is not documented
  • DEV-1173: Simulation: Update default global JVM options for better performance
  • DEV-1184: Pools: Update all certified images to JRE 8u265 and 11.0.8
  • DEV-1229: Security: Provide a tool for bulk migrating users from LDAP to OIDC
  • DEV-1241: PDF Export: remove deprecated load JSON template feature. Please use the regular load from database instead. This feature was deprecated since 1.8.0.
  • DEV-1289: OpenStack: Drop Keystone v2 support
  • DEV-1296: Gradle: Switch project layout to src/gatling/scala (aligned with new official Gatling OSS plugin)
  • DEV-1337: Pipeline: Support deploying projects compiled against Gatling 3.3 as well as Gatling 3.4
  • DEV-1346: Pipeline: Increase run duration hard limit to 1 week
  • DEV-208: PDF Export: legend should not be displaying disabled percentiles
  • DEV-209: PDF Export: Component title should be more visible
  • DEV-296: PDF Export: scenarios dropdown behavior is inconsistent
  • DEV-363: Users: Mandatory fields should not be red when loading form
  • DEV-365: Pools: Simulation launch button should be disabled when the simulation’s single pool is the Local one and it’s disabled
  • DEV-496: Gradle: frontLine-gradle-plugin does not properly prune dependency tree
  • DEV-498: PDF Export: Don’t crop summary request name when it’s too long
  • DEV-506: Users: Password reset button should be disabled while resetting
  • DEV-592: Pools: Pages shouldn’t load all pools when creating/editing a pool
  • DEV-615: Public links: Fix 403 caused by useless Grafana URL request
  • DEV-711: Pools & Repositories: Private keys dropdown list should be filtered according to pool or repository’s owner team
  • DEV-715: Cassandra: Some Network stats were not cleaned up when deleting a run
  • DEV-788: Dashboard: Fix error handling not displaying all errors
  • DEV-819: Private Keys: Private key still uploaded in case of a unique name conflict
  • DEV-889: Kubernetes: Client uses a hardcoded HTTP port instead of the configuration option
  • DEV-999: Repositories: Password shouldn’t be mandatory when cloning a git repository over https
  • DEV-1003: Grafana: Time window doesnt get reset when changing run
  • DEV-1060: Cassandra: Trends are not deleted when deleting a run
  • DEV-1083: Pipeline: Fix thread safety issue on native processes (git, mvn, etc) completion
  • DEV-1085: Pipeline: Fix AWS API blocking calls from caller thread
  • DEV-1086: Dashboard: Fix percentile series legends on MacOS 1440px
  • DEV-1089: Pools: Fix truncated AWS instance profiles list
  • DEV-1089: HTTP Server: Don’t log “Connection reset by peer” exceptions
  • DEV-1096: HTTP Server: Possible memory leak when response can’t be written on the socket
  • DEV-1113: Dashboard: Pie chart tooltip appears just under the mouse
  • DEV-1120: PDF Export: page can be blank because of a race condition
  • DEV-1123: Pipeline: DNS stats are not properly aggregated
  • DEV-1127: Dashboard: Invalidate web cache on new release
  • DEV-1131: Simulation: Cannot associate simulation with Default team
  • DEV-1157: Dashboard: Invalid menu behavior with nested groups
  • DEV-1158: Series API: Can’t query data for single root group with child
  • DEV-1171: Pipeline: Infrequent UnsatisfiedLinkError on sigar loading
  • DEV-1192: Users: Crash when username contains spaces
  • DEV-1193: Users: Don’t persist username in lower case
  • DEV-1202: Dashboard: Tooltip on bar charts is inconsistent with the one on pie charts
  • DEV-1206: Dashboard: Summary stats miss right bound second stats when changing time window
  • DEV-1212: Dashboard: Requests and responses counts should not be stacked
  • DEV-1227: Jenkins plugin: Deserialization issue on users series
  • DEV-1232: All CI plugins: Summary doesn’t display nested groups
  • DEV-1233: All CI plugins: Total number of users don’t get displayed, only the ones for the first scenario
  • DEV-1238: Pipeline: Gatling Enterprise reports JavaNotFound instead of WrongJavaVersion
  • DEV-1246: Pools: Invalid message when deleting a pool fails because it’s still used
  • DEV-1255: Kubernetes: Connection crash when k8s API server is on HTTPS and Gatling Enterprise runs on standard Java 8
  • DEV-1304: Dashboard: Runs comparison should make use of the configured time window, just like trends
  • DEV-1317: Dashboard: Don’t use time window if rampup + rampdown > run duration
  • DEV-1321: Security: Repository list API shouldn’t expose all repositories data
  • DEV-1323: Security: Repository credentials should not be sent back to frontend on edition
  • DEV-1350: Gatling: Feeder files are not properly sharded (off by one error)
  • DEV-1352: Dashboard: Can’t display dashboard when hard limit test duration is reached
  • DEV-1361: Dashboard: Groups summary’s button to switch to duration / cumulative response time doesn’t work
  • DEV-1362: HTTP Server: Don’t spam server logs with “Trying to write response on a closed channel” errors
  • DEV-1363: HTTP Server: Protect against channel actually closed when trying to close idle channel
  • DEV-1365: HTTP Server: Close socket on response body allocation failure

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