Package Configuration

Configure and upload your package to Gatling Enterprise Cloud.


To access the Packages section, click on Packages in the navigation bar. You need the Leader or Team Leader role to access this page.

The Packages view contains all the packages you have configured with the given name, format, team, filename of the uploaded package if not empty and the date of the last upload.

The Gatling version of the package is displayed in a badge next to the filename.

Packages table


In order to add a package, click on the Create button above the packages table.

Package creation
  • Name: the name that will appear on the simulations general step.
  • Team: select the team which will have access to the package.
  • Simulation packaged with Gatling Enterprise plugin: optional (see below). The generated package file to upload.

Depending on the language used for your simulation, the package created will be assigned to JVM (Java, Kotlin, Scala) or JS (Javascript, Typescript) type. This type cannot be updated. For example, a JS package cannot replace a JVM package: you’ll have to create a new one.


Option 1: Manual Upload

In order to fill the package with your bundled simulation, click on the Browse files button or drag and drop your file directly on the dashed-bordered area.

Upon successful file upload, you should see your file:

Package upload filled

Option 2: API Upload

You can also upload packages programmatically with our REST API.

You’ll need:

  • an API token with at least the Packages permission
  • the Package’s ID, which can be copied from the WebUI.

You can then upload your package, eg with curl:

curl -X PUT --upload-file <PACKAGE_LOCAL_PATH> \
  "https://<DOMAIN>/api/public/artifacts/<PACKAGE_ID>/content?filename=<PACKAGE_FILE_NAME>" \
  -H "Authorization:<API_TOKEN>"

Option 3: Plugin configuration

Maven, sbt and Gradle plugins offer commands to automatically deploy and manage your packages and simulations.


You can configure which package to use for a simulation in the simulation’s General step.

Package upload filled

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