Gatling Enterprise 1.20

Learn about the main new features of Gatling Enterprise 1.20


Support for Azure Compute Galleries

VHD URLs are a deprecated mechanism for configuring the virtual disk image to be used for deploying VMs on Azure.

We’re introducing the support for Compute Galleries for configuring your own virtual disk images for your Load Generators in your Azure Pools.

Support for trusting custom certificates for Kubernetes API

If the API of your Kubernetes cluster is exposed over HTTPS using a private certificate, this certificate must be allowed on the client side to allow the connection.

You can now upload such a certificate through the Private Keys menu and then select this certificate when configuring a Kubernetes pool.

Introducing this feature also included dropping the usage of kubectl native commands. As a result, kubectl no longer needs to be installed on your Gatling Enterprise servers when using Kubernetes Pools.

Release Notes

1.20.1 (2024-03-20)

Gatling Enterprise

  • SH-1018: Kubernetes: Give precedence to user-defined labels over Gatling Enterprise generated ones
  • SH-1019: Pools: Make SSH port used to deploy the packages on the injectors globally configurable in frontline.conf with the sshPort option
  • SH-1017: Repositories: Test Admins should be able to delete a repository in their scope

1.20.0 (2024-03-07)

Gatling 3.10.4

Gatling Enterprise

  • SH-1004: Kubernetes: allow to use a private certificate for Kubernetes API
  • HYB-487: Azure: Manage Azure custom images from compute gallery
  • SH-696: Private Keys: Block upgrade if there are still Private Keys with scope All
  • SH-1011: OIDC: OIDC userinfo request should be using GET, not POST with an empty body

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