Learn how to navigate in Gatling Enterprise Self-Hosted.

Once you are logged in, you can navigate using the Gatling Enterprise navigation bar on the left side.


Gatling Enterprise is composed of:

On the top right:

  • The Profile section, where a user can manage their own account settings (not accessible to the superAdmin)
  • Log out

On the navigation bar, on the left side:

  • The Admin section, where administrators can manage teams, users, API tokens, private keys and repositories
  • The Simulations section, where you can see and manage runs, trends and simulations
  • The Pools section, where you can configure your cloud and on-premises injectors
  • The Documentation section, where you can access all documentation guides and the Swagger documentation page for our public API
  • The About section, where you can see the current version of Gatling Enterprise and the expiration date of your license key

We are now going to describe in depth each one of these sections.

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