Gatling Enterprise 1.18

Learn about the main new features of Gatling Enterprise 1.18


Gatling Enterprise 1.18 introduces Gatling 3.9 support and a redesign of the PDF export feature.

Gatling 3.9 Support

Gatling 3.9 is the latest generation of Gatling. Just like every new minor release, it’s not binary compatible with previous releases, so code already compiled must be recompiled in order to upgrade.

Java 17 Upgrade

Gatling Enterprise now supports running on Java 17. Docker, AWS MarketPlace and Azure MarketPlace images have been upgraded to run with Java 17. This lets users easily compile Gatling code using modern Java APIs.

Kubernetes Support Revamping

First, we’ve dropped the legacy NodePort connection mode that was both considered unsecured and against Kubernetes principles.

Then, we’ve revamped the way the Gatling Enterprise controller connects to Load Generators. When they sit in the same cluster, we now always create a Service. In this case, the Ingress and Route modes are not available.

Finally, we now support setting ingressClassName, tolerations, annotations and container env vars.

Release Notes

1.18.8 (2023-11-25)

Gatling Enterprise

  • SH-996: Run duration could be missing when trying to fix ongoing runs on boot

1.18.7 (2023-09-25)

Gatling Enterprise

  • SH-988: Azure: Fix classloading crash

1.18.6 (2023-08-10)

Gatling Enterprise

  • SH-984: Load Generators: Remove unexpected cats-effect library that can clash with user defined version

1.18.5 (2023-05-11)

Gatling Enterprise


  • SH-980: Kubernetes: Introduce frontline.injector.kubernetes.ignoreDefaultKubeConfig option (default true) to be able to honor the default kubeconfig file
  • SH-979: AWS/Azure/GCP/Kubernetes: Fix regression introduced by SH-977 in 1.18.4

1.18.4 (2023-05-10)

Gatling 3.9.4 and 3.9.5

Please check the full release note for 3.9.4 and for 3.9.5 for more details.

Gatling Enterprise

  • SH-201: On premises: Block adding a username in the hostname
  • SH-975: AWS: Enforce IDMSv2 on-demand AWS load generators
  • SH-977: AWS/Azure/GCP/Kubernetes: Let users define a JAVA_HOME env var for the load generators
  • SH-971: Users: Trim username
  • SH-972: Authentication: Store default permission on first OIDC connection

1.18.3 (2023-04-03)

Gatling 3.9.3

Please check the full release note for more details.

Gatling Enterprise

  • SH-961: AWS/Azure/GCP/Docker: Introduce “latest” certified images with the latest to date Java version (20 as of now)
  • SH-969: Docker: Introduce certified images for ARM
  • SH-956: Authentication: Invalid cookies shouldn’t spam logs
  • SH-957: Users: Team admins should be able to remove users from their team
  • SH-958: Maven Repositories: Concurrent downloads crash
  • SH-959: Users: It should be possible to save users without any permissions
  • SH-965: AWS: Form should not filter out EIP currently assigned
  • SH-966: API: extraEnvironmentVariables parameter was ignored when launching a run
  • SH-967: Global System Properties: Remove -XX:-UseBiasedLocking from defaults as this option is no longer supported since Java 19

1.18.2 (2023-02-22)

Gatling 3.9.2

Please check the full release note for more details.

Gatling Enterprise

  • SH-944: Reports: Fix subgroups in groups menus
  • SH-945: Reports: Don’t modify case when displaying Simulation and Request names
  • SH-948: Core: Restore hanging runs being passed to broken status on Gatling Enterprise reboot

1.18.1 (2023-02-15)

Gatling 3.9.1

Please check the full release note for more details.

Gatling Enterprise

  • SH-936: Lift limitation on LTS Java versions on load generators (ie custom images can use Java 18+)
  • SH-846: PDF Exports: Multiple fixes
  • SH-937: MQTT: Fix ActorNameException
  • SH-938: Reports: Selected percentiles mask is not applied on summaries
  • SH-940: Kubernetes: Fix disabling Hostname verification with k8s API server
  • SH-942: PDF Exports: Fix missing charts
  • SH-943: Kubernetes: Ingresses must be deleted after a run

1.18.0 (2022-12-15)

Gatling 3.9.0

See full release note:

Gatling Enterprise

  • FL-1106: AWS: Add support for c6i and c7g instance types
  • FL-1110: AWS: Support Ed25519 SSH keys
  • FL-1118: Core: Support running on Java 17
  • FL-1120: Cassandra: Support DataStax DSE and AstraDB
  • FL-1124: Docker: Image upgraded to Java 17
  • FL-1128: Repositories: Add region field for S3 buckets
  • CLD-3123: Docker: Upgrade docker containers to java 17.0.5
  • CLD-3210: Kubernetes: Add support for tolerations
  • CLD-3151: Kubernetes: Add support for annotations
  • CLD-3152: Kubernetes: Add support for containers env vars
  • CLD-3157: Kubernetes: Drop NodePort mode
  • CLD-3156: Kubernetes: When the controller and the load generators are in the same cluster, directly connect though a Service and never through an Ingress
  • FL-1139: Kubernetes: Add support for ingressClassName
  • FL-1105: Reports: Pie chart legend is only drawn on the right side of the chart
  • FL-1100: Reports: Group cumulated response time titles overflows out of their chart headers
  • FL-1100: Reports: Use ellipsis for truncating Distribution title if needed
  • FL-1111: Reports: Selecting group doesn’t close the dropdown
  • FL-1114: Reports: Fix bucket missing on Distribution chart
  • FL-1119: Run Logs: New lines are not displayed

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