To view information about your organization, click on the Organization settings button.

Organization settings

Switch between multiple organizations

If you’ve been invited to multiple organizations, you can switch between them by clicking on the organization name in the top right corner.

Multiple organizations


Organization profile information
  • Avatar - Composed by default from the two first characters of your Organization name.
  • Organization Name - The display name for your organization.
  • Organization Slug - Unique string name, in lowercase and spaced by dashes -.

Credit consumption

Organization credit informations
  • Blue - Available credits.
  • Orange - Consumed credits.

Admin users

Shows all Administrators in your organization.

Organization users admin

For each Administrator, you will find their GitHub username, first name, and last name.


Credits consumption history.

Organization credits view in row

By clicking on a row, you will see all the details of the credit consumption for each month.

Organization credits view in detail
  • Type - Which type of event occurred, with a link redirecting to the run when credits were used to run a simulation.
  • Date - The day the event took effect.
  • Credits - Number of credits gained or used from the event.

Extra credits

When you start to hit the credit limits in your plan:

Empty credits

And you don’t want to wait the next filling of credit, you can activate extra credits by clicking button Edit spending limit

Edit extra credits limit

And set new extra credit limit.

Extra credits used

Now simulations – you couldn’t launch before – can run consuming extra credits.


Plans view history.

Organization plan
  • Status - Current status of the payment plan: Terminated, Active, or PaymentFailure.
  • From - Start date of the plan.
  • To - End date of the plan, if there is one.
  • Credits - Number of credits awarded each month by the plan.


payment via Stripe

This page shows all available offers for your organization. You can choose the number of credits for your offer. A credit represents a minute of usage of one Gatling load generator.

Available Offers

Click on the Subscribe now button in order to buy the desired offer via stripe. If you want to change your current offer, or buy the Custom one, please click on Contact us.

payment via AWS Marketplace

After Organization and Admin user of this organization created, you can choose to subscribe to an offer via the AWS marketplace:

AWS marketplace offer

select, among other options, the contract option:

Contract option

and click on Create contract:

Create contract

to finish setup, fill the subscription form with current users and organization information:

setup subscription


After the first payment, you can access invoices and update payment information by clicking on the Customer portal button in the Billing tab.

Customer portal

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