Gatling Enterprise 1.15

Learn about the main new features of Gatling Enterprise 1.15



Gatling Enterprise 1.15 introduces a redesign of the application and a new public API.

Renaming to Gatling Enterprise

FrontLine was renamed to Gatling Enterprise.

Key New Features

  • Redesign of the application with improved Reports and tables
  • New Public API /license which returns the license information and limits
  • New gradlew built-in for easier Gradle configuration

Key Bug Fixes

  • The used Elastic IPs were not shown in the injectors tab
  • Improved the chart label color generation

Release Notes

1.15.3 (2021-09-02)

  • FL-841: Run: Can’t delete a run
  • FL-844: Simulation: Can’t duplicate a simulation

1.15.2 (2021-08-31)

  • FL-825: Dashboard: “Abort run” is now labelled “Stop run”
  • FL-836: Boot: flush all responses before rebooting the API after first configuration

1.15.1 (2021-08-26)

  • FL-831: Grafana: Improve documentation wrt unsigned plugins
  • FL-833: Kubernetes/OpenShift: pod creation crash due to invalid character because of the “Gatling Enterprise” renaming

1.15.0 (2021-08-19)

  • FL-740: The tables have been reshaped
  • FL-774: Gradle: new gradlew built-in
  • FL-788: All Pools: Harden resources destruction
  • FL-806: Reports: page has been reshaped
  • FL-814: New public API to retrieve the license details and limits: /license
  • FL-660: Reports: Improved label color generation
  • FL-730: API now responds a correct 401 status when the cookie has expired
  • FL-743: Simulation: harden FQCN validation
  • FL-745: API should handle JSON serialization gracefully without spamming error logs
  • FL-754: Kubernetes/Openshift: fix runs crashing when pods don’t start fast enough
  • FL-756: Fix wrong deprecation warning when using Gatling 3.6
  • FL-775: Azure: Renamed Client ID into Application ID, as this is the new correct term
  • FL-784: AWS: wrong IP listed in Elastic IP list
  • FL-785: Azure: Create instances with one single batch per pool
  • FL-790: Elastic IPs: Private IPs are listed in the injectors tab instead of the used Elastic IPs
  • FL-795: Public API Swagger: Fix typo in the /runs endpoint
  • FL-809: Git Repository: Fix impossibility to switch from http repository with credentials to ssh
  • FL-818: GCE: Fix some issue with deprecated Google libs
  • FL-820: Azure: Improve error reporting
  • FL-823: AWS: No error message when the profile is incorrect
  • FL-824: Global Properties: Can’t set the JVM Options to nothing

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