What's new in 3.9

Gatling 3.9 release notes.

For more detailed release notes, including patch releases, please check the milestones on GitHub.


A huge thank you to the heroes who helped with this release:


  • #4315, #4356, #4316 and #4320: Introduce new Gatling EL random generator functions:
    • randomUUID()
    • randomSecureUuid()
    • randomAlphanumeric()
    • randomInt()
    • randomLong()
    • randomDouble()

See doc for more details.

  • #4340: With recordsCount, it’s now possible to get the number of records in a file based feeder without copying all the records in memory, see doc.
  • #4319: Java Session methods returning nullable types are now annotated @Nullable for better Kotlin compatibility.


  • #4306: Improved WebSocket debug logging with inbound frames

HTML Reports

  • #4353: Improved HTML reports printable version
  • #4359: Summary can now be displayed in full screen

Gradle Plugin

  • #4337: The Gatling Gradle plugin is now compatible with the Kotlin Gradle DSL.

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