What's new in 3.1

Gatling 3.1 release notes.

For more detailed release notes, including patch releases, please check the milestones on GitHub.


  • #3708: Gatling EL support sequence syntax for tuples, see here
  • #3696: Default to an adaptive policy when loading CSV feeders
  • #3681: Issue an IllegalStateException when trying to instantiate Simulation directly


  • #3702: Try using wsBaseUrl in addCookie when neither domain nor baseUrl are defined
  • #3699: Enable TLSv1.3 by default
  • #3671: Provide a way to pass per user keystore
  • #3664: Honor Content-Type charset attribute for forcing encoding when parsing XML


  • #3698: Automatically filter out browser noise
  • #3687: Use OpenSSL when architecture supports it


  • #3673: Send mapMessage support

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