Upgrading from 2.3 to 3.0


  • JsonPath check’s ofType now deep converts to Scala Map and Seq, so you’ll no longer get Java types deep into the object
  • bodies and data directories were dropped, now those files are resolved from classpath root, see gatling#3398.
  • extraInfoExtractor was dropped as it wasn’t used in any Gatling component
  • check’s transformResponse now takes a second Session parameter
  • over inject method was renamed into during
  • splitUsers is dropped in favor of incrementUsersPerSec and incrementConcurrentUsers
  • Validation#get is dropped as it’s very error prone, use pattern matching if you must
  • PerMillion assertion is dropped as Percent now takes a Double
  • greaterThan and lowerThan assertion operators are renamed into gt and lt and are strict (vs gte and lte)


  • Gatling now has its own HTTP client and no longer uses AsyncHttpClient, so this library is no longer shipped. If you’ve been using it, you’ll need to pull it explicitly, or switch to another HTTP client library.
  • baseURL was renamed into baseUrl
  • baseURLs was renamed into baseUrls and is now sticky for a given virtual user
  • silentURI was renamed into silentUri
  • asJSON was renamed into asJson
  • asXML was renamed into asXml
  • WebSocket and SSE support were completely re-written, see new API.
  • ntmlAuth is dropped until we can support NTLM properly, see gatling#3525
  • The way to compute HTTP request signatures was revamped, see new API
  • disableClientSharing was dropped. It’s not possible atm to specify individual keystore and trustore for each virtual user. However, each virtual user has a distinct SSLContext.
  • Debugging: in your configuration file logback.xml the following needs updating from: <logger name="io.gatling.http.response" level="TRACE" /> to: <logger name="io.gatling.http.engine.response" level="TRACE" />. A full example file can be found here


  • reqreply was renamed into requestReply
  • matchByMessageID was renamed into matchByMessageId and matchByCorrelationID was renamed into matchByCorrelationId
  • Protocol level receiveTimeout was replaced with request level replyTimeout


  • -m/--mute option was dropped, now Gatling is automatically mute when you set the simulation class name
  • no longer prompts for a user defined simulationId


  • Maven users must upgrade gatling-maven-plugin to 3.0.
  • options’ aliases were dropped, use full option names instead
  • Drop deprecated gatling-maven-plugin’s execute task, use test instead

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