What's new in 3.4

Gatling 3.4 release notes.

For more detailed release notes, including patch releases, please check the milestones on GitHub.


  • #3830: Scenarios in a same simulation can now be executed sequentially with andThen.
  • #3845: Introduce around assertion criterion.
  • #3871: Keystores and truststores can now be passwordless.
  • #3895: Introduce currentTimeMillis() and currentDate(<pattern>) Gatling EL functions.
  • #3904: Introduce exitHere and exitHereIf for having a virtual user exit its scenario.
  • #3926: Rename Session based versions of transform and transformOption into transformWithSession and transformOptionWithSession.
  • #3931: Skip feeder empty lines
  • #3847: Introduce deviatesAround assertion target


  • #3817: WebSocket actions can now be flagged as silent
  • #3857: addCookie Cookie name is now a dynamic Expression
  • #3897: WebSocket await timeout is now a dynamic Expression
  • #3899: Introduce ignoreDefaultHeaders for disabling default headers on a given request
  • #3905: getCookie Cookie name is now a dynamic Expression
  • #3915: Checks are not performed sorted by their scope (url, status, headers, body checksum, body, time)
  • #2431: SSE now automatically reconnect as per spec
  • #3909: WebSocket subprotocol is now a dynamic Expression
  • #3925: Introduce HttpProtocol#useAllLocalAddresses for binding from all available local addresses
  • #3923: Stop preferring IPv4 stack by default and prefer IPv6 addresses
  • #3907: hostNameAliases now accepts multiple addresses for a given alias
  • #3927: Enable TLSv1.3 by default when available


  • #3890: Introduce an option (checkbox and config) for having the method and the url in the generated request names.


  • #3820: Selector can now be a dynamic Expression
  • #3831: JMS now supports bodyString, substring, checkIf and jsonPath checks
  • #3836: JMS now supports jmesPath checks

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