What's new in 3.7

Gatling 3.7 release notes.

For more detailed release notes, including patch releases, please check the milestones on GitHub.


  • #3806: checkIf can now be used at the same level as check and accepts multiple checks
  • #4114: new withDefault check step to provide a default value
  • #4151: new htmlUnescape Gatling EL function
  • #4162: new stopInjector Action to stop the injector


  • #3634: WebSockets now support mixing sent and checked frames types
  • #3929: WebSockets now support wsAutoReplyTextFrame and wsAutoReplySocketIo4 to automatically reply
  • #3999: WebSockets now support checkIf
  • #4100: WebSockets can now automatically reply to some messages, eg SocketIo4 pings
  • #4111: Server Sent Events now support HTTP/2
  • #4119: Server Sent Events now supports checkIf
  • #4127: request name is now exposed in the Request object used for signing
  • #4128: new redirectNamingStrategy on HttpProtocol to control redirected requests names
  • #4135: WebSocket checks’ name is now dynamic


gatling-highcharts-maven-archetype for Scala/maven and gatling.g8 for Scala/sbt/giter8 are discontinued. Instead, please check the samples on GitHub.

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